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In my search for finding useful Propellarheads Reason Combinator Backdrops, I have consistently found myself to be frustrated with the general selection available by the community. Mostly they are garish and overly colorful, trying too hard to be slick and techy with swirling alien galaxies or over-designed futureistic technology. There are also a lot that model old classic pieces of hardware. As well made and authentic looking as some of these are, they still fall short for my liking. I can appreciate the vintage look and feel of an old "Moogesque" or "TB 303ish" interface, but these vintage kit backdrops usually contain decorative sliders or knobs that serve no actual purpose and are nothing more than visual noise.

I decided to solve my own problem by making backdrops myself. Something simple and most importantly useful while still looking kind of cool. I present them here for you to use and enjoy.

These Reason Combinator Backdrops are less visually cluttered than most, with a simple single color that matches the same shades used by Reason's clip color option. Additional light and dark variations are available for variety. 48 in total! By picking a backdrop that's the same color as my clips and channel strips, my projects are clean and organized. It's much easier to tell what Combinator belongs to which track. Easy peasy.

Oh yeah... Kong backdrops too! Enjoy: