Zenboy was raised by the wise nuns of "Our Lady of Perpetually Perky Mammaries” a Realian Transvestite Robot sex convent on Uranus. Under the tutelage of the fembot nuns, Zenboy learned the fine art of electronic knob-tweaking by being a tester of the "Realistic Love Handle Harness with Cheetah Print Panties", the highly acclaimed and best selling sex toy in the convent’s marital aid sex toy factory. He's been a master of the “tweak” ever since.

Zenboy is enlisting able-bodied recruits to be a part of his army of sexy good-times and dazzling erotic displays of joy. You can do your part by telling everyone you know about the Zenboy experience. Spread the word and the love. Do it to help restore peace to the Galaxy.


Hardware Heaven?

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DJ Mixes

Perversion for Profit


Taunting Insinuaton

Entertaining a Man (With Glowing Hearts)

Blazing Lectro Atomic Punch

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